New York, NY + Los Angeles, CA + Lancaster, PA

photographer, designer, jack-of-all trades.

Don’t expect someone with the last name of a marksman to miss too many shots.

At 24, Alex Bowman brings a level of technical precision to photography and design that’s allowed him to build an identity of honesty and ambition behind the lens.

Flyover country roots and a life lived on both coasts inform a style that sets rustic sensibilities against a backdrop of modernity. His contemporary approach to blue-collar ruggedness gives his photos and designs a new-age sleekness that doesn’t sacrifice any substance.

His eye for the humanity behind machinery brings a warmth to his automotive photography, making the cars and bikes in his work as lifelike as the people driving them.

Driving him? That would be the desire to capture an environment for what it is. That’s the only story worth telling. 



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